Insurance service

To provide customers with better transport chain services to solve the problem of cargo in the transport risk control, Dongfei International and a number of insurance companies to cooperate to carry out cargo transport insurance agency business. Dongfei to own the amount of resources, so that we have the insurance companies in the insurance rate and claims processing and other aspects of the extremely favorable conditions, through the East insurance internal insurance agents online insurance operations, direct bill of lading and insurance policy Directly to the hands of customers, to achieve East International, insurance companies and customers tripartite cooperation win-win situation.

    Transport, insurance, one get

    You only need to indicate in the consignment note insurance needs, indicating the insurance conditions, has completed the cargo transport insurance insurance procedures. Save the insurance policy, need to wait for the bill of lading number, vessel name voyage and other content can be insured and back and forth school and other cumbersome links. Bill of lading, policy one-time accurate, timely delivery to your hands.

    Save time, effort, more money

    As a result of our collection of insurance business, and insurance companies work together, we have made more favorable than the market insurance price. We promise that through our insurance, must be more than you directly to the insurance company to buy insurance more favorable.

    To ensure a comprehensive, real warehouse to warehouse responsibility

    You have to apply for insurance when the insurance procedures, to avoid if you get the bill of lading, the ship opened after the insurance, from the consignor warehouse to the port terminal this risk is not included in the insurance liability situation, the real realization of the From the order of the consignor to the consignor of the warehouse to the destination consignee warehouse warehouse warehouse insurance liability.

    Claims procedures, simple and timely

    Because of our good cooperation with the insurance company, the goods once the risk, the carrier and the insurance company does not exist between the prevarication, delay payment situation. We have reached an agreement with the insurance company, for small pay, will simplify the payment procedures, the opening of a fast pay channel.

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