Air Transportation Service

Scope of Export Service by Air

As entrusted by customers, we provide the export service by air to handle all procedures before and after the goods export; check all kinds of lists and approval documents provided by customers; prepare all kinds of certificates and documents; book cargo space and handle customs clearance; prepare certificate of origin, policy of insurance, and commodity inspection certificate; make flight reservation, handle internal transportation and packaging, issue bill of lading, settle freight and miscellaneous charges, and send domestic and foreign certificates and documents by express mail; handle import customs declaration, tax paying, transportation, and delivery in foreign countries; and provide agency service in foreign countries.

Precautions for Export by Air

1.The goods may be not transported because related customs investigation department has doubts about certain parcel cargo; a part of goods may be unloaded to control the loading capacity due to climate reason which may require temporary increase of fuel loading in the airplane, and cause the overload of takeoff and landing weight.

2.The external packing of cargo shall conform to international transportation standards, and the cargo cannot be exposed.

3.Inform the freight forwarder of oversized, overweight cargo (gross weight ≥60 kgs), and assist them to prepare tray for the use of forklift.

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